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The Ash Diaries: Davidoff Churchill Late Hour and El Septimo Da Vinci

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Salutations peeps!

How are you all doing?

In the supremely articulate words of Gordon Ramsey, "Fuck me sideways its cold!" I hope wherever you are, you're staying warm, and if you are lucky enough to be in a wonderfully warm place, please, do us all a favour and keep it to yourself.

Moving forward I've decided to change the format of the week with Omar series, I have split the cigar content off in to it's own series called The Ash Diaries, these will go up every week. The Week With Omar series will still continue but without the cigar stuff, I have some interesting posts around quantum computing, artificial intelligence and the declining birthrate coming out so do stay tuned, but for all those who have been following my cigar journey I am sure you are going to love this new format!

It's no secret that I am a fan of El Septimo.

Although, at heart, I do indeed have a bias towards cuban cigars, El Septimo is one of the few new world brands that, to my palate, have been able to create cigars that are balanced in both flavour and strength.

Admittedly I haven't been able to try everything they do, but from what I have, I have been extremely impressed, and from the messages I have been getting it seems you guys also feel the same way!

They have recently come out with a more affordable line of cigars under their Sacred Arts collection, from what I understand the price point is achieved by using tobacco that isn’t as old as the other lines, I think its been aged for around 3 years as apposed to 5, 10 and 15 years in their other lines.

El Septimo Da Vinci taken on Nikon Z6

My first entrance to this line is in the form of the DaVinci and what an elegant form it is, a wonderful Lancero-ish - it’s 2 points thicker and half an inch longer then your typical Lancero - but to be fair we are splitting hairs, either way it is a sophisticatedly refined expression of what a cigar can be. Pairing this with a dark brown wrapper that glints in the light and a chic gold and yellow band, I am on the edge of my seat to try it!

El Septimo Da Vinci taken on Nikon Z6

I would also like to mention that a cigar of these dimensions is extraordinarily difficult to roll, due to its thinness a small amount of stem in the wrong place can completely plug the cigar and render it unsmokable. This is perhaps one of the reasons why many brands choose not to include a Lancero vitola in their line up, so I must commend El Septimo on having the balls to not only include this vitola but making it their own undoing one hell of a job!

I must say though, to my eye, the wrapper does seems to lack the extraordinary luster of something like their Exception White.

Upon lighting, for some unexplainable reason, I was expecting to be immediately kicked in the face with a pepper bomb but I was gently serenaded by this bitter sweetness, kind of like a sweet coffee. The whole affair was made far more relaxing thanks to the generous draw. At the half way point it is clear this cigar is no slouch, the coffee notes have evolved to a deep cedar and leather, I would class this as a solid medium strength cigar, perhaps verging on full depending on how far in to the nub you enjoy it. Pairing this smoke with a great black tea like Lalani and Co's Honey black really brings out the sweetness in this smoke.

El Septimo Da Vinci taken on Nikon Z6

While sampling this cigar we all agreed that it has plenty in the tank in terms of flavour and strength but what I am extremely excited to see how it mellows and changes as it ages, I will be revisiting this cigar in about 6 months to see how it has changed as it is a clear to me that this is a smoke that will lend itself very well to putting on some age. The Da Vinci provided me with an engaging and serene smoke, a truly luxurious experience of which I would expect nothing less from El Septimo. It has definitely made me excited to explore the rest of the range!

While talking about premium new world cigars, it is impossible to not mention the Rolls Royce of cigars, Davidoff. Over the past few months I have developed a love for this brand, being fortnuate enough to sample quite a bit from their Churchill range I have become smitten by their reliability and complexity.

The Davidoff Churchill Late Hour cigar is a premium offering from one of the most well-regarded cigar makers in the industry. Known for its exceptional quality and attention to detail, Davidoff is a trusted name in the world of cigars, and the Churchill Later Hour is no exception.

One of the standout features of of this smoke is its well-crafted wrapper. The wrapper leaf is dark and oily, with a smooth and silky texture that feels great in the hand, almost like stroking fine Loro Piana cashmere. The myth is they age the cigar in single malt whiskey casks which provides the wrapper with not only these unique visual characteristics but with a truly unique flavour. The cigar is well-constructed, with a firm but not too tight draw that produces plenty of smoke with each puff. The cherry on the cake is that seductively classy black band, Davidoff does indeed to understated luxury in a way no one else can.

Davidoff Churchill Late Hour with Les Fines Lames Le Petit taken on Nikon Z6

In terms of flavor, the Late Hour is a true delight. The cigar starts out with rich and complex flavors of earthy, nutty undertones, which develop into notes of cedar, spice, and a hint of sweetness as the cigar burns. The flavors are balanced and well-integrated, and they remain consistent throughout the cigar's smoke.

The Robusto size of this cigar is perfect for anyone looking for a more approachable and time sensitive smoke. Whether you are a seasoned cigar smoker or just starting out, this cigar is sure to impress you with its quality and flavor. paired with a wonderful Jamaican blue mountain coffee from Difference coffee, are you are really in for a treat. I must say, I would love to get my hands on this smoke in its eponymous vitola.

All in all the Late Hour cigar is an exceptional offering from one of the world's most trusted cigar makers.

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2 commentaires

09 févr. 2023

Loving this new series. I have tried the Davidoff but not the El Septimo, do you know where I can get it in London?

Zaya S. Younan
Zaya S. Younan
20 mars 2023
En réponse à

Many places, please visit our website that has all location. one major store is Davidoff of London.

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