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The Ash Diaries: Partagas Luisitanias and El Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse

Ah, Partagas. The very name rolls off the tongue like a vintage Bordeaux, a promise of rich, full-bodied flavor. My love affair with this iconic Cuban brand began, as most grand romances do, with a spark. In this case, the spark was a Partagas Serie D No. 6.

Now, I'd enjoyed a cigar or two before that fateful D6. But let's be honest, those were youthful dalliances, pleasant enough but lacking the depth and complexity I craved. The D6, however, was a revelation. Short, squat, and unassuming, it packed a punch that left me breathless. Earthy, peppery, with a hint of cocoa dancing on the palate – it was a symphony of flavor in a mere 20 minutes. That was the moment I knew I was hooked, a willing captive in the world of Partagas.

Fast forward a few years, a shelf adorned with countless partagas bands, and here I am, eagerly unwrapping a Partagas Lusitanias. This is a different beast altogether. Longer, slender, with a beautiful colorado claro wrapper, it exudes an air of quiet confidence. The pre-light draw is a touch of honey and cedar, a promise of sweet smokiness to come.

The first puff is a revelation. The Lusitanias is a slow burn, each draw a deliberate exploration of flavor. There's a creamy coffee note at the forefront, laced with hints of citrus and spice. The retrohale brings a gentle wave of cedar, a touch that lingers pleasantly on the finish. As the cigar progresses, the coffee deepens, a dark chocolate richness emerging. The Lusitanias is a masterclass in balance, each flavor note complementing the others in perfect harmony.

There's a certain poetry to a well-made Partagas. It's not just a smoke, it's an experience. The Lusitanias is a journey, not a sprint. It demands your full attention, rewarding you with a tapestry of flavor that unfolds with each puff. It's a cigar for contemplation, for conversation with friends, or simply for a quiet moment of introspection.

Tonight, it's the latter. As the embers dwindle and the last tendrils of smoke curl skyward, I can't help but marvel at the enduring magic of Partagas. From the fiery D6 to the sophisticated Lusitanias, each cigar is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality and flavor. And for that, my friends, I raise a glass to Partagas. A brand that, like a fine wine, only gets better with time.

Now, after that full-bodied Partagas Lusitanias, a palate cleanser is in order. And what better than a delightful El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse? This little gem is a complete departure from the robustness of the Partagas, but no less captivating in its own right.

El Rey del Mundo, which translates to "King of the World," boasts a rich history dating back to 1844. Unlike the powerhouse Partagas, known for their full-bodied smokes favored by experienced aficionados, El Rey del Mundo has always catered to a more refined, sophisticated palate. Their cigars are known for being lighter-bodied, elegant, and brimming with subtle nuances.

The Demi Tasse itself is a testament to this philosophy. This petite cigar, barely longer than a finger and with a slender ring gauge, is perfect for a quick, yet satisfying, smoke. Don't be fooled by its size, though. The Demi Tasse packs a surprising amount of flavor.

The pre-light draw offers a whisper of cedar and hay, a touch grassy and inviting. The first puff is a burst of creaminess,followed by gentle notes of citrus and toasted almond. There's a subtle earthiness that lingers on the palate, adding depth to the overall experience. The smoke production is light, perfect for an afternoon on the balcony or a quiet corner in your favorite lounge.

As the Demi Tasse progresses, the creaminess gives way to a touch of white pepper, a pleasant tingle that dances on the tongue without overpowering the experience. The burn is impeccable, a testament to the expert craftsmanship of El Rey del Mundo. The aftertaste is clean and slightly sweet, a lingering reminder of the delightful smoke journey.

The Demi Tasse isn't a cigar for a seasoned Partagas aficionado seeking a full-bodied punch. It's for those who appreciate the finer things, the subtle nuances that unfold with each puff. It's a cigar for conversation, for contemplation, or simply for a stolen moment of pure pleasure. In a world obsessed with bigger, bolder flavors, the El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse is a delightful reminder that sometimes, the most satisfying things come in small packages.

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May 15

it’s great to see the ash diaries back!

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