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Cuba's Greatest Hit? - Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva

One of the questions that any seasoned cigar smoker is almost routinely asked is,

“what is the best cigar you have ever smoked?”

Whilst, of course, there are a set of variables that makes answering such a question difficult, the stars recently seemed to align for Omar and I, and led us unmistakably – surely – to the view that the Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva is not only an exceptional cigar in every way but is one of Cuba’s greatest hits.

To understand why this cigar is so special it is worth reflecting, briefly, on the special release series as part of which this cigar was released in.

As Omar and I have previously explored, as well as standard regular production lines from Habanos (the company responsible for the distribution of Cuban cigars worldwide), there are many different limited release cigars.

The Gran Reserva and indeed Reserva classifications, which dates from the first Reserva release in 2003, denotes not only the use of the highest quality tobacco but that it is put through a long-term ageing program. Such ageing, not unlike fine wine, achieves a more rounded and harmonious flavour profile.

Reserva cigars are those that have been aged for a minimum of three years in bales before the cigars were made. When released, they are limited to only 5,000 numbered beautiful boxes containing 20 cigars. The cigar itself displays a black and silver second band reading “Reserva”.

The Gran Reserva classification relates to fillers, binders and wrappers which have all been aged for five years before being rolled. There are rules as to which brands can be used for the series and only the most iconic vitolas can be chosen. Each release is also available in 5,000 boxes only, containing 15 cigars. The second band of the cigar, in black and gold, displays “GR” for Gran Reserva.

Our smoke is from Partagas (incidentally, one of my favourite brands) and came in 2013 using tobacco from a 2007 harvest.

Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva

It is one of the longest cigars in the Habanos portfolio, measuring at 7 5/8 inches. Partagas is ordinarily a powerful smoke, and whilst this smoke is no exception (and certainly not advisable for a novice smoker) it offers a more profound experience - rounded, elegant, and rather ethereal. It is, however, unmistakably Partagas – with characteristically rich, peppery, and earthy notes lingering, but certainly not dominating.

The balance of this cigar is in perfect harmony.

Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva

These cigars are sold at a premium price point and they demand sometimes staggering prices on the secondary market years after their release – if, of course, you can find them. The other problem with these now phenomenally rare cigars is finding the right time to smoke them, although any occasion is sure to be a extraordinary one with the Partagas Luisitanias Gran Reserva.

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Happy new year! £500 per cigar!?! That must be a crazy smoke! Very well written as always!



Most of what I learn about cigars is from the things you write. Actually I have learn many interesting things following you

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