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Why Padel? Why I'm Falling for Padel (and Maybe You Should Too)

The scent of freshly cut grass and the rhythmic thwack of a tennis ball against my racquet were once as familiar to me as my own heartbeat. As a district champion in my youth, the tennis court was my domain. Every volley, every ace, every strategic battle was a note in a thrilling symphony. Yet, lately, a new melody has begun to weave its way across the net, a melody with a faster tempo and a touch of finesse – the irresistible call of padel.

This captivating sport, a hybrid offspring of tennis and squash, has ignited a passion within me that I haven't felt since my competitive days. But why padel, you ask? Well, the story behind its invention is as delightful as a perfectly executed drop shot.

Picture this:

Acapulco, Mexico,


A wealthy businessman named Enrique Corcuera desired a tennis court for his home, but alas, space was a precious commodity. Unwilling to relinquish his dream, Corcuera displayed remarkable ingenuity. He enclosed his existing court with walls, adding a touch of brilliance with a wire mesh screen. And just like that, with a flourish worthy of a magician, padel was born, even taking its name from Corcuera's beloved paddle steamer.

This tale of innovation resonates deeply with me. It speaks to the inherent human desire to adapt, to find joy in the unforeseen. Padel itself embodies this spirit. It's a sport that feels welcoming and approachable, yet surprisingly intricate. The presence of walls adds a delightful layer of strategic depth, allowing for those deft lobs that dance just beyond an opponent's reach and unexpected angles that leave them scrambling. Rallies can be breathtaking affairs, a back-and-forth ballet of skill, anticipation, and the satisfying thud of the ball against the carbon of the racquet.

But perhaps what truly draws me into this sport's orbit is its inherent social aspect. Unlike the solitary power serve of tennis, padel thrives on teamwork, a game designed to be played in doubles. The smaller court fosters a sense of camaraderie, where laughter and cheers mingle with the satisfying clap of a high five after a point is won. It's a sport that beckons you to connect, to share the thrill of the game with a partner, to celebrate victories together and learn from defeats as a team. There's a genuine sense of community on the padel court, a welcoming atmosphere that invites players of all skill levels to join the fun.

Of course, the competitive fire still burns brightly within me. The prospect of mastering this new sport, of pushing my reflexes to their limit and refining my tactics, is undeniably appealing. The prospect of competing again, even at a recreational level, is a thrill I haven't experienced in years. But more than that, padel offers a chance to rediscover the pure joy of play, a chance to connect with the court and fellow enthusiasts in a whole new way.

Now, I wouldn't be entirely honest if I didn't admit a tinge of apprehension. After years on the tennis court, the transition to padel won't be seamless. There will be moments of frustration, of mishits that sail wildly off course, and footwork that feels clumsy on the unfamiliar surface. Recently playing at my dear friend Sebastians' padel club, Rocket Padel, allowed me the chance to understand how tricky the transition will truly be. Of course, the ego destorying realisation was softened due to the delicious coffee and non-alcoholic drinks served there. These moments, I'm sure, will provide fodder for much amusement, both for myself and for those patient souls who share the court with me. You might just get a glimpse of this seasoned athlete turned enthusiastic beginner, flailing (hopefully gracefully) after a particularly tricky volley.

But through it all, I'll be sharing not just my journey but the spirit of padel itself. We'll delve into its surprising history, from Corcuera's ingenious invention to its explosive growth across the globe. We'll explore the nuances of the game, the strategic possibilities that unfold with every bounce off the walls, and the unique skills required to excel, the brilliant innovation that goes in to the equipment required like - what my friend Joe Middleton is doing at Pulco Studios with fabric innovation and clothing design - and my favourite places to play. Most importantly, we'll celebrate the infectious social nature of padel, the camaraderie that blossoms on the court, and the pure, unadulterated joy of the game.

So, wish me luck on this padel adventure, friends. And perhaps, if the padel gods smile upon me, I'll see you on the court soon. Who knows, maybe we can even face off in a friendly match, a seasoned athlete against a newfound enthusiast. One thing's for certain: on the padel court, laughter and friendly competition are guaranteed, and the learning curve promises to be as rewarding as the game itself.

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5 days ago

i'm a massive padel fan and have been playing for years. there are hardly any articles i have read that are able to capture the feeling of the sport and yours did it very well. You have a new subscriber!

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