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The Ash Diaries: Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill and H.Upmann No 2

Life has its moments where the pace slows, where the daily humdrum recedes and leaves a void filled only by the solitary ritual of lighting a cigar. It's in these moments that the magic of H. Upmann No. 2 and Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill takes flight, painting upon the canvas of time their rich histories and the resonating emotions they evoke.

H.Upmann No 2, Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill and Fallon Cuba case

H. Upmann, a name inseparable from the annals of cigar lore, was birthed in the heart of Cuba in 1844. The tale it weaves speaks of a German banker, Hermann Dietrich Upmann, who found himself bewitched by the allure of the Cuban tobacco leaf. His eponymous brand, H. Upmann, carries this tale forward, narrating through each cigar an undying devotion to the craft.

The No. 2, standing proud in its torpedo shape, unfolds a symphony of flavors that reverberate through time. On lighting, the first draw welcomes you with a dance of cedar and spice, an inviting prelude to a story waiting to be told. As the smoke curls, it whispers tales of cocoa and nutmeg, pulling you deeper into its narrative. The final act, crescendoing into a full-bodied strength, leaves an echo of this poignant tale on your palate.

H.Upmann No 2

It's more than a cigar – it's a moment etched in time, a testament to tradition. Smoking it conjures emotions that echo through the soul. It tells you of joy, of celebration, of solitary introspection, and deep thoughtfulness. It evokes a sense of nostalgia for a time and place one may never have been to yet seems uncannily familiar.

Contrastingly, Romeo y Julieta, a love story from 1875 that continues to burn bright, paints a romance of its own. The Wide Churchill, a modern reinterpretation of the classic Romeo y Julieta, brings a bolder, more dramatic experience to the table. Its husky ring gauge harbors within it a meandering path of complexity and depth.

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill

The first lighting unfurls a rich melody of woody notes, punctuated by the boldness of leather and spice. As the tale progresses, the narrative deepens, unveiling the subtleties of dark chocolate, balanced delicately with a hint of peppery intrigue. The denouement leaves a lingering sweetness, an emotional echo that tugs at the corners of your consciousness.

Emotionally, the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill reminds one of the tempestuous ebb and flow of love, its sweetness and sorrow, passion and poignancy. It's an experience that

resonates with longing and melancholy, celebration and remembrance. It's a mirror to the complexities of the human heart, a testament to our capacity for depth and intensity.

Indeed, both the H. Upmann No. 2 and Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill are more than just cigars. They are time capsules of human emotion, of history and culture, passion and craft. They are an experience that transcends the physical act of smoking, reaching into the depth of our souls, stirring memories and emotions, narrating tales that belong not just to them but to all of us. As we journey through their flavors and aromas, we're reminded of our own capacity for depth, intensity, and passion, and our undying desire to continue writing our tales, one puff at a time.

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Jul 31, 2023

Time capsules? Nay, time machines!

I am swirling in the mists of their aromas in my head already…

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