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The Ash Diaries: El Septimo Emperor Collection Yao Maduro and Connecticut

Nestled beneath the tapestry of stars in the sultry night air, the symphony of cicadas playing their dulcet notes, I am enveloped by the lavish embrace of the Swiss-born cigars, El Septimo’s Emperor Yao Connecticut and Yao Maduro. The plumes of fragrant smoke beckon to me like the very sirens that charmed Ulysses, and I am, with no regret, enchanted.

First to grace my palate is the Emperor Yao Connecticut, resplendent in its golden-hued wrapper. Crafted from the finest tobacco leaves that have been meticulously aged for six years, this gem from the esteemed El Septimo’s Emperor Collection reflects it's creator's poetic harmony between tradition and innovation.

El Septimo Emperor Collection Connecticut

The pre-light aroma is evocative of hayfields in the languid afternoon sun, with a whisper of buttery caramel.

Upon lighting, I’m ushered into a realm where grace dances with strength. The first puffs release a cascading array of flavors - almond, cedar, and a delicate sweetness that recalls the touch of honey on warm toast. A subtle spiciness lingers, reminiscent of the allure of an age-old romance. The Connecticut wrapper, supple and yielding, burns evenly as the luxurious smoke swells around me.

El Septimo Emperor Collection Connecticut

Enter the Yao Maduro, dressed in the deep, rich, oily wrapper that portends the opulence of an evening at the Opera. This cigar is akin to an ancient leather-bound book, teeming with tales waiting to be unraveled. As I draw closer, the pre-light scent hints at dark chocolate and an earthy, aged oak. There is a sense of gravity, an anticipation akin to the overture of an orchestra.

El Septimo Emperor Collection Maduro

A flicker, a flame, and we are alight. Rich cocoa, espresso, and dark fruits are in symphony, each note resonating with bold, full-bodied complexity. The smoke, dense as velvet curtains, carries whispers of wisdom, perhaps of the secrets exchanged in the library of a forgotten castle. As the Maduro unfurls, leather and dark spice creep in, adding layers of depth.

What strikes me most about these two sovereigns of the cigar world is not just their individual brilliance but the resplendent concord they sing when experienced together. The Emperor Yao Connecticut is the maiden in the golden ballroom, the purity and grace, while the Yao Maduro is the dark prince, the harbinger of mysteries and decadence.

El Septimo Emperor Collection Maduro

As the night deepens and the stars continue their waltz across the heavens, I lay down the remnants of the Yao Maduro. A silence ensues, one that speaks louder than the richest of symphonies. It whispers of the tales these cigars have woven, of the lands their leaves have known, and of the artistry that has birthed their regal souls.

In these sacred moments, El Septimo’s Emperor Yao Connecticut and Yao Maduro have transcended the confines of mere cigars. They have become oracles of epochs long past, and in their smoky embrace, I have traveled through time, tasted the lands of ancient cultivations, and rejoiced in the opulence of creation itself.

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