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The Ash Diaries: El Septimo Emperor Collection Napoleon Connecticut and Maduro

As dusk envelops the garden, casting its golden fingers through the oak leaves, I prepare to embark upon a sumptuous journey with two of El Septimo’s finest masterpieces - the Emperor Napoleon Connecticut and Napoleon Maduro. Both offerings share the title of Emperor, yet in character, they rule their realms with distinct flair and majesty.

First to the Emperor Napoleon Connecticut, regally presented in a glorious 9 inches length with a 55 ring gauge. Its eloquent silhouette is swathed in a delicate Connecticut Shade wrapper, with each leaf aged to perfection. This veritable scepter of a cigar exudes an air of cultured grace, akin to a virtuoso about to perform.

El Septimo Emperor Collection Napoleon Connecticut

As I caress the Connecticut, the wrapper feels like the silk of a monarch’s robe. The cold draw graces my palate with an ambrosia of hay and citrus, reminiscent of an early morning in the Tuscan countryside.

With the solemnity of a royal coronation, I light the cigar, and am greeted by a symphony of almond, cedar, and a hint of vanilla. The smoke rolls like a languid river, caressing the palate with gentle complexity. As I am engaged in this ethereal waltz, I cannot help but feel enrobed in the hallowed halls of regal European courts, where the echoes of string quartets and the murmurs of nobility coalesce into a tapestry of elegance.

El Septimo Emperor Collection Napoleon Connecticut

In stark contrast, the Emperor Napoleon Maduro stands tall as a midnight sentry, measuring an imposing 9 inches in length with a 55 ring gauge. The Maduro wrapper, dark and brooding, is reminiscent of a king's weathered armor, speaking of countless battles and undying valor.

El Septimo Emperor Collection Napoleon Maduro

A cold draw reveals the earth’s own essence, mingled with cocoa and spices, as if I am imbibing the very soil of the ancient battlefields.

I light the Maduro with the reverence reserved for a warrior’s sword. Thunderous notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and aged leather charge forth. The smoke is dense, like the fog on a battlefield, and the flavors evolve and deepen as though I am traversing the annals of history.

El Septimo Emperor Collection Napoleon Connecticut

In the final third, the Maduro softens like a warrior king who, in his twilight, reflects upon his conquests with both pride and poignant yearning. A whisper of dried fruit heralds the end of this magnificent saga.

In these twin titans, El Septimo has immortalized not just the art of cigar making, but the very essence of what it means to be an Emperor. The Napoleon Connecticut and Maduro, both regal in size and incomparable in craftsmanship, offer experiences that are, in every puff, an homage to the ceaseless tides of history, culture, and undying aspiration.

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Jul 07, 2023

I have yet to try ’The Napoleon’ and yet I already imagine the lighting of this stick with an audience of onlookers will be a crowing ceremony in itself!


Jul 05, 2023

I have been smoking el Septimo for over a year and they are pricey but the best, never had a bad one. your reviews of the el Septimo cigars are the best I have seen bar none.

Sam Arnold
Sam Arnold
Jul 06, 2023
Replying to

Thank you. We work hard to use the best aged tobacco to make a perfect cigar.

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