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The Ash Diaries: Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona and Torpedo

In the storied tapestry of the cigar industry, few threads shine as luminously as that of Daniel Marshall. Today, let us traverse through the meticulously woven path of a man whose relentless pursuit of perfection led him to craft the Red Label Corona and Red Label Torpedo cigars, which now cradle in the hands of both common folk and silver screen legends alike.

A young Marshall embarked on his odyssey not as a purveyor of tobacco, but as a craftsman of wood. In the early 1980s, his artisanal aptitude for creating exquisite humidors – opulent wooden chests exuding both function and form, dedicated to preserving the sanctity of cigars - propelled him into a new realm.

As the embers of Marshall’s ingenuity took flame, they drew the attention of the City of Stars. Hollywood icons including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, in pursuit of excellence off the screen, found kindred spirits in Marshall's cigars. These cigars did not just produce smoke; they conjured stories, and who better to appreciate a well-crafted story than the storytellers themselves?

Marshall’s humidors and cigars found themselves transcending reality, as they were featured in films and cradled in the hands of Oscar winners.

As his humidors garnered acclaim, Marshall was ensnared by the allure of what they contained – cigars. This beckoning led him to the fertile tobacco fields of Central America. Under the tutelage of master rollers and curers, he immersed himself in the ancient rituals of tobacco cultivation and cigar rolling. The culmination of this journey was the birth of the Red Label Corona and Torpedo cigars, twin masterpieces that encapsulate the essence of Marshall’s artistry.

The first encounter with the Red Label Corona is an overture to finesse. With its sleek, 6.5 x 42 stature, wrapped in an Ecuadorian sun-grown leaf, it’s a Rembrandt in your hand. The Torpedo, bolder at 6.25 x 54, sports a tapered allure and beckons with an intoxicating pre-light aroma.

Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona

Daniel Marshall Red Label Torpedo

As the match kisses the foot of the Corona, there’s a subtle crackling - the sound of history awakening. The first plumes of smoke are gracious, like an old friend extending an inviting hand.

The Torpedo's ignition is more assertive, akin to the rolling drums at the start of an orchestral symphony. Its smoke, denser and bolder, promises an odyssey.

The Red Label Corona takes you on a gentle waltz through a European salon from centuries past. With each puff, there are whispers of cacao and cedar, intertwined with a floral crescendo. It’s elegant and soft-spoken, yet abuzz with stories.

Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona

Midway through, a tapestry of earthy tones emerges, reminiscent of ancient libraries with leather-bound books. The final act leaves a lingering sweetness, akin to a light kiss farewell.

The Red Label Torpedo, in contrast, is a tempest in the Pacific. The initial puffs are laden with bold cedar, with sparks of black pepper darting through. As the cigar progresses, it mellows, like a storm easing into calm waters. In its gentle waves, there’s a delicate dance of cocoa, aged leather, and roasted coffee beans. It concludes with a rhapsody of spices - a grand finale that leaves you with an encore ringing in your senses.

Daniel Marshall Red Label Torpedo

As the embers of the Red Label Corona and Torpedo cigars smolder into twilight, there’s a realization that you’ve not merely smoked a cigar - you have embarked on a journey. Through the heart of time, across oceans, within the panels of old books and the strings of symphonies.

In this world that seems perpetually in a rush, Daniel Marshall offers us an anchor with his Red Label collection. It is a reminder that there is beauty in pause, stories in silence, and tapestries woven in smoke. The ashen remnants are not the conclusion but rather an invitation - to reminisce, savour, and await the next voyage with anticipation.

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