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Conversations With: Tom Davies of TD Tom Davies

Hi guys, this post is in addition to the conversation I had with Tom on the podcast. If you wanted a visual of any of the frames that we mention in that episode then below is the bespoke collection Tom made for me. Please follow this link to listen to the episode in conjunction with the pictures.

Acetate and titanium Tom Davies taken on Nikon Z6

Buffalo Horn and Silver 925 Tom Davies taken on Nikon Z6

Sterling silver 925 Tom Davies Taken on Nikon Z6

Ankole Horn and Titanium Tom Davies taken on Nikon Z6

Sterling silver 925 Tom Davies taken on Nikon Z6

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Nov 14, 2021

Awesome pictures! Did you take them?


Jun 26, 2021

Great episode and a great collection of frames. I can see how they have been designed to work at different times, brilliant advice from Tom and will be applying it to my own measly collection.


Jun 23, 2021

Beautiful pictures! There is not a lot fo content online about Buffalo horn so I really liked the point about it being made of the same stuff as your skin, I can imagine it being very comfortable.


Jun 23, 2021

What a great episode, loved getting to know Toms personality and hearing his dedication to creating eyewear that fits not only your face but your lifestyle.


Jun 21, 2021

That is an eyewear collection worthy of Pablo Escobar... I really gotta sort my schedule out and pay them a visit. Loved the episode mate, hope we see Tom again.

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